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Welcome To The

Douglas Lake Shore

Douglas, MI

Lake Michigan

Helping make our lakeshore an even better place to live.

Our Mission

The purpose of the Douglas Lake Shore Association is to cooperate with individuals, groups and with units of government in evolving private and public approaches and solutions to the common local problems and needs of the owners of property near Lake Michigan in or near the community of Douglas.

Our Beginning

Your neighbors in this area formed the Association way back in 1951 to address the concerns of the day and plan for the future of the area in a collective fashion.

Our Wonderful Beach Town

The Village of Friendliness - Since 1870

Stay Up To Date

We keep you up to date on what is happening. Our hope that you will become involved personally through your comments and suggestions.

Summer TGIF Socials

We don't forget to have some fun, those who have been to summer TGIF Social's will attest to the good times that we have. We enjoy getting to know our neighbors and welcome new and fresh ideas.
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Membership Info

The Board of the DLSA would like to invite you to join our Association so that you can be a part of our community.
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Meet The Board

The DLSA Board of Trustees is made up of local residents who are looking to give back to the area around them.
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If you have any questions about membership or upcoming events, feel free to reach out, we're just down the road.
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Kick Back, & Relax

In short, we would value having you involved with our Association as we seek to make the lakeshore an even better place to live.

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We send out quarterly newsletters and local information.