May 1, 2022 - Meeting Minutes

Douglas Lake Shore Association Board Meeting Minutes

May 1, 2022

Meeting was held at Bill Lefley’s Windwood Lane Barn

1. Bill called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM

2. Present - Bill Lefley, Gail Zandstra, Michael O’Connor, David Bernat, Steve McKown, Mike Finn.  Bill welcomed Tammy Cunnion as a new board member. Excused - Herk VandenBosch, Mike Flynn, Mimi Harris, Kathy Sarkisian, Joe Milauckas.

3. The minutes from December 8, 2021, were approved.

4. Treasurer’s Report was received with a balance of $9,394.39.  Expenses included Launch Kit, sign design and 1000 printed business cards. A question was raised about the website billing at $175.00 monthly.  Bill will talk to Kevin at Launch Kit about the monthly dollar amount.  A revenue was put into the expense column and Michael sent out a revised report.  The treasurer’s report was approved with a balance of $10,594.39.

5. Road, Beach, Water  Committee - Steve reported the water going down.  Bill reported that he was contacted by Dana Burd, who is working with the Allegan County Road Commission, about the grant they received from the State of MI to study Lakeshore Drive, to get a long term management strategy for road access.  Bill will send that email out to the board.  Bill asked if Steve would be point-man for us and all information received will be linked to the website.

6. Membership  Committee -  110 members so far, as of our meeting.  Michael has done a great job.  290 actual email addresses in the gmail account, since every email is a separate contact.  The booklet that Bill presented is up-to-date and when a dead drop date is set for providing information for the booklet, it will be put online.  The password to membership directory is Beachs and which will only be provided to the membership.

7. Marketing and Website Committee - Jaqua Realtors donated the signs and a thank you was sent  to them.  The business cards will be available to members at the TGIF socials to hand out to potential members enticing them to join the association.   The membership book will be printed and be at the annual meeting in June.  The directory will be password protected.  Minutes of board meetings, president’s letters, mission statement and useful information will be on the website, as well as all the updated events and TGIF socials. Staci Leonard will help with local events to put on the website.

8. Social Committee- The annual party will be at the Lefley’s Windwood Lane  Barn, June 25, 2022., Doors will open at 5:30 PM with the annual membership meeting set for 6:03PM to 7:00PM.  Dinner and music will begin at 7:00 PM.  A motion was approved for $20.00 per person with required reservations for the evening since the food has to be projected.   Talk about how the “look” of the annual meeting should be.  The consensus was to go big for this event.  Mike O suggested James St Inn or Margaritas for food, and if they cannot do it, Waypoint, Farmhouse Deli or Isabels were suggested.  Mike will secure one of two bands mentioned.  There will be a tent and chairs delivered.  Postcards were discussed to send out since attendance has been low.  It was mentioned that in past years speakers were brought in and maybe it could be considered again.  Tammy brought up what are the boundaries of the DLSA.  Discussion was had that any one in Saugatuck, Douglas or the Saugatuck township could join.

9. Old Business  - None

10.  New Business  -  Future Board meetings
All meetings at 5:30 PM
Sunday, June 5, 2022
Sunday, August 7, 2022

Sunday, October 2, 2022
Sunday, December 4, 2022                                        

Bill made a motion that the 4 board positions expiring in 2022, David Bernat, Mimi Harris, Bill Lefley, Joe Milaukus should continue for another 3 years. Motion passed. A vote will be taken at the annual meeting.

11.  Bill adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted - Gail Zandstra

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