April 2018 Newsletter

It is slowly and surely starting to become spring along the lakeshore. The winter snow melt may have compounded the water problem for some of us along the shoreline. When I came home from Florida for a week in mid –March I took a walk down the steps to the beach. The last flight of stairs was quite twisted and the final three had water lapping against them. This year, it seems, Linda and I will be getting wet walking the absent beach along our part of the shoreline during our evening strolls. Actually Linda will tell me our strolls will be on Lakeshore Drive above the beach.  Speaking of Lakeshore Drive, I hope all of you post and look at the walking and riding rules that were sent out last month.

We are planning a busy summer with our association. Our next board meeting is April 24 at 6:30 at the Lefleys. If you have anything to bring up let one of the board members know or call me at 616 886 4250.

Our first summer TGIF is at the Lefley’s barn, 6940 Windwood Lane just off Lakeshore Drive south past Wiley on May 25 from 5:30 to 7:30.  Bring an appetizer to pass and the drink of your choice. This is a great way to meet fellow members. We are planning four more during the summer and if you willing to host one, please email Kim Zolper at KimZolper@yahoo.com  or Pat Woods at patwoodsview@yahoo.com    They could use some volunteer hosts.  All you need to supply to host are some plastic forks, napkins because I am messy, plastic cups so I don’t spill and paper plates.  It is a great way to meet people along the lakeshore. Our annual meeting is Saturday June 16 at the Saugatuck Yacht Club with the business meeting at 5 pm and dinner and auction and the other events after that.  Again, save that date!

If you have not signed up to join the association or if you have not renewed your membership, please do so as soon as possible.  To get your name in our 2018 directory we need your dues paid by April 30. Please send the 40 dollar yearly dues to DLSA, PO Box618, Douglas, MI 49406, or click here to pay online.  If you need to change your directory information or supply new information, a form for doing so is enclosed. Please return it to the PO Box 618.   Hopefully, if you have not already, you will join us for the first time or will renew your membership. We want you to come to our summer socials, business meeting, and be involved with the lakeshore.  If you need to check on the status of your 2018 dues payment, contact Michael O’Connor (mcoconn@yahoo.com) or Sheldon Wettack (Wettack@hope.edu).

Following this letter is a report from the Douglas beach committee.  The committee is asking for your help whether you become a member or not in order to deal with some of the issues along the beach. Please read and help them with the information they are requesting. Together we can make the beach and the surrounding community a better place.

Have a great spring, ​Herk Vanden Bosch, President, DLSA Board

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