April 2021 Newsletter

Dear Members,

Happy Spring to all of you. It is hard to believe we are through the winter months and on to warming temps with another summer season just around the corner. Very Exciting! I hope that you are all well and enjoying the New Year. We are looking forward to sharing the ‘Lakeshore, our wonderful Community’ and times with you this summer season.

Annual Dues: Once again, it is time to ask those of you who are already members to renew your membership by making your annual dues payment. We encourage you to renew your membership as soon as possible and to also invite and encourage other non-member area residents to join our Association. We will be publishing a new, updated Online DLSA Membership Directory for 2021 later this spring so that we may include updated member details and any new member info as well. We would appreciate your dues payment being received by May 12, 2021. However, the earlier the better so that we can confirm your membership and complete our online directory promptly. We will only be sending out 1 reminder this year. Our annual dues are still just $40 for the year which includes entry into the ‘membership directory’, and newsletters providing a wealth of information to help you ‘stay in the know’, maximize your investment and the time you spend here making lasting memories and enjoying our amazing Lakeshore Area, Friends and Family and of course our ‘Summer Social Events’!

We want to make sure we have your accurate, current contact info not only so that you will receive all of our correspondence, but so other members can reach you as well. Please review your contact information in the 2020 Membership Booklet, mailed out the end of January. If you find any errors, omissions, have updates or did not receive your Membership Book, please use the attached form to provide us with your best contact details. Thank you for your prompt response!

Please mail your check for $40 and your updated Membership Contact Info Form to: DLSA, c/o Michael O’Connor, PO Box 618 Douglas, MI 49406. Note: If you would like an additional Membership Book(s) please include a note and an additional $5/book requested with your dues

Website: Please visit our website which offers a wealth of information and updates. Beginning now, you will also be able to access the current (updated) Membership Directory on the DLSA site: www.douglaslakeshoreassociation.org/ The password (case sensitive) is Douglas@2019. The ‘Updated 2021 Directory’ will be online before the end of May.

“DLSA:” Your Board is ready to move into the new season, supporting our members and providing updates of our area issues and concerns. We have extremely knowledgeable and committed board members who invest their time keeping us all informed and who work hard to best benefit our Lakeshore community. If you have comments/concerns or would like to get more involved, please contact me. Kathy Sarkisian (248) 388-8698 or DLSAemail@comcast.net

Shoreline News: As you know the devastation of our shoreline last year was dramatic with massive amounts of erosion which occurred. Bluffs eroded, decks and stair systems were destroyed and washed away. Almost every area of the Lakeshore was under direct assault with the danger of further erosion. Thankfully, many were able to save and/or rebuild decks, stairs etc. In addition, many of our Lakeshore residents were successful in further protecting their shoreline. As you walk the beach this year you will see a variety of retaining walls, sandbagging, and rock barriers as a new addition to the shoreline landscape which are serving to help preserve the shore.

I am thrilled to inform you that our water levels are down, and significantly more (approx. 10”) than the usual winter drop. We are hopeful that we can maintain somewhat lower levels. In addition, we had cold enough temps this winter to actually freeze the lake which, to this point has made a huge difference in further protecting the shoreline and bluffs. Beaches are currently larger than last season.

Our board continues to work with the City of Douglas, Saugatuck Township and other groups and coalitions on multiple fronts to voice our concerns and help find solutions to this critical issue. You can keep updated via our Newsletters and by visiting our website: www.DouglasLakeshoreAssociation.org.

Douglas Public Beach Update: Mayor, Pat Lion, has informed us that Douglas received approval in March to move ahead with remediation/repair of the Public Beach and access. The total cost of the project is $164,754.98.
The scope of the work includes:
a. 90’ of 5’ wooden stairway with handrails
b. a 6.5’ X 8’ landing
c. a 9.5’ X 20’ viewing platform
d. a section of 13 removable aluminum steps that traverse the geo tubes and scour skirt
that protects the bluff
It does NOT include the proposed groins as discussed earlier last year which will further protect the beach and shore.

Construction is to begin in April pending permit approvals. Edgewater Resources will monitor all construction with completion expected before Memorial Day.

Lakeshore Note: We have had calls from a some of our ‘Lakeshore Neighbors’ that there has been some trash being dumped/left along Lakeshore. If you see someone dumping debris/trash please notify the police with any details you can gather. In addition, some of our residents have been finding dog poop or doggie poop bags on their lawns/in garden beds or yards. Again, if you see someone doing this please ask them kindly to not allow their dog to ‘go in someone’s yard’ and when/where they do go to pick up after themselves and place residue in the trash.

Social Events: We have an amazing and wonderful group of people who make up our Lakeshore area and one of the nicest benefits of being a DLSA member is that, in addition to so many other benefits, each year we offer our Annual Summer Social and monthly TGIFs. These events are a wonderful way to spend time with those you already know and love and the perfect way to meet and greet while making new friends! We are hoping to be hosting our social activities this 2021 season. We will be updating the DLSA website with Social Info to keep you posted as well as mailing out a Social Newsletter later this spring once we have a schedule. Please Stay Tuned! We hope to have you join us again!

All the Best,
Kathy ‘Woods’ Sarkisian, President, DLSA

Tribute to Sheldon Wettack December 5, 1938 – February 25, 2021

On a sad note, we lost a much loved and admired friend and member of our community last month. Sheldon Wettack was a longtime resident on Lakeshore Drive and was also a Board Member of the Douglas Lake Shore Association for many, many years holding a variety of positions; membership chair, secretary, and board president to name a few. He was always there to contribute, lend a helping hand, and add support and knowledge. To those of us on the Board and to many of you, Sheldon was known as a kind, compassionate, caring, and community minded individual. He was dedicated to his profession and improving the lives of others. Sheldon was a man who made a difference which is something we should all seek to do in our daily lives. Sheldon, we will miss you and your gentle nature.
God Bless You and Yours,
Kathy Sarkisian, President, DLSA

Sheldon and Marilyn moved into their house next door to us as we were moving in at the same time 30 years ago. Over time we developed a wonderful relationship with many fun memories! When Sheldon retired permanently from his position in California, I was on the DLSA Board and suggested he join in order to ‘Get to know the Hood’! He did and the rest is history! Many years as President of the Board, many other worthwhile causes around here, and lots of friends.
He will be greatly missed!!! Donna and John Leonard

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