August 7, 2022 - Meeting Minutes

1. Kathy Sarkisian welcomed everybody and called the meeting to order.

2. Kathy had the board members that were present stand up and introduce themselves - Joe Milauckas, Michael Flynn, Bill Lefley, Michael O’Connor, Gail Zandstra. Kathy thanked the Lefleys for hosting. Kathy thanked the retiring board members - Arlene Philp and Bob Batts

3. The 2020 annual meeting minutes were approved

4. Kathy Sarkisian told the members how Sheldon Wettack has been memorialized and honored for his service with a bench and plaque on one of the landings at the Douglas Public Beach

5. Membership update - Kathy had the new members stand up and introduce themselves. Current membership is 129 members with 18 new members. The 2021 membership book has been completely revamped, purged, and should be mailed out by the end of next week

6. Michael O’Connor presented the Treasurer’s Report - Balance of 13,005.56. Fiscal Report balance ending December 31, 2020 - 10,472.00.

7. Summer Socials - Michael O’Connor brought up to date the success of the socials already attended and how wonderful they had been and reminded everyone of the upcoming ones in September at Pat Woods and October at Dawn Schumann. Michael thanked all who have already hosted socials.

8. Positions on the board that are up for election and 4 people running, including Kathy Sarkisian, Gail Zandstra, Michael Flynn and Steve McKown were accepted.

9. Kathy thanked board members for all their support while she was president and working with them.

10. New Website - Bill Lefley - A new website has been created and launched. Everything needed to be known about the Douglas Lake Shore Association and current events going on in the community can be found on the website. A professional is being paid monthly for this service. Fireworks, fire burning, noise ordinance, rentals and membership sign-up can be found on this website, making it the “go to place”. Douglas Lake Shore Association business cards will be made up for handing out. New event signs are going to be made. To access the website, or Both addresses will channel into the new website

11. Joe Milauckas shared an update on the Lakeshore Drive erosion issue. The township is working with Allegan County Road commission to examine options in the event the road needs to be closed someday. The Road Commission has filed for a grant to get the money to do an engineer based study as to how to deal with the road if it starts to fall in. Craig Hitchcock reported that he understood that the road commission is not responsible for the road and does not have to build an escape plan. It is up to the homeowners to find a solution for the whole lakeshore.

12. Joe Milauckas - Lake shore water levels - 1 ½ foot below last year.

13. Question and Concerns - Fritz Royce presented comments about noise after 10PM at the public beach. Others brought up that renters are ignoring the curfew. Fritz brought a petition to sign to have Douglas lock the public beach at 10 PM. Dawn Schumann talked about an article she wrote in the Commercial Record about threats to the environment, especially Saugatuck; brought up examples that she feels are threatening, and asked for us to join her fight.

14. Kathy Sarkisian adjourned the meeting at 6:50 PM

Respectfully submitted by Gail Zandstra

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