Dec. 8, 2021 Meeting Minutes


December 8, 2021
Meeting was held at Bill Lefley barn

1. Bill called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM

2. Present - Bill Lefley, Herk VandenBosch, Gail Zandstra, Michael O’Connor,Joe Milaukis, Pat Lion, David Burnat. Excused - Steve McKown, Mike Finn, MikeFlynn, Mimi Harris, Kathy Sarkisian

3. The minutes from September 29, 2021, were approved.

4. Treasurer’s Report - balance of $8,409.26. Discussion as to whether this wasa fiscal or annual report. A question was raised about the website billing and thata quarterly billing might be easier. It was suggested that the website bill be paid to the end of this year. The printing bill for the membership directory was justpaid by Michael. The treasurer’s report was approved. On December 13, 2021,Michael sent a revised Treasurer’s Report, via email, of $7,109.38. The report was approved by the board, via email.

5. Membership - An executive decision was made to cancel the membership directory book. The directory list was emailed to membership and corrections have been coming in. Discussion was to just keep the membership directory to email and not print a book. Bill will ask the printer for a word document of the directory so that changes in membership can be made as needed when using an. email format. A complete email directory list has been set up in a new Gmail account. The 4 board officers will have access to that Gmail account. Bill is looking for a dependable volunteer to help with the directory. The date of membership dues, to be paid, was set for 3-31-2022. This will give time for the directory to come out in the spring. Emails will be sent to everyone individually about dues, as well as reminders. Michael prefers that the dues be paid by check.

6. Marketing - DLSA membership cards will be designed with the mission statement on the back. Bill feels our membership could grow to 200. There was discussion about inviting so many people and why marketing. Answers were to get to know neighbors and strength in numbers. Pat said that with so many new people moving in, we could advertise that there is a lakeshore organization that they could join. Bill got approval from Jaqua Realty to provide signs and print them, along with the cards and event signs. A thank you note will be sent toJaqua after the printing is finished. An acknowledgement from us to thank them for this very significant gift.

7. Website - The directory will be added, the by-laws and meeting minutes will be added. There was discussion about adding a password on the website for members to access the directory membership. Everything else would be public.

8. Social - The holiday party, Friday, December 10, 2021, 5:30, at the VandenBosch home. The annual meeting date was set for June 25, 2022, pending checking the Yacht Club dates first. Joe asked how to get more participation at our annual meeting. Herk suggested printed sheets giving dates of TGIF’s and using the event signs.

9. Road, Beach, Water Committee - The township and county got grants to do a feasible study about Lakeshore Drive. After the study is done, the public would have input. Pat Edwards volunteered to take over Arlene Phelps job with. road/beach sign designs. Herk talked about getting the ruts filled again in the spring. It was mentioned that our website should link up to the LakeshoreCoalition and Pat said that all the reports should also go on the website.

10. New Business - The board decided to meet quarterly. The annual meeting date was set for June 25, 2022. Bill asked everybody to work on getting talented people to help make flyers and get flyers out for marketing purposes.

12. Bill adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Gail Zandstra

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