December 7, 2022 - Meeting Minutes

Meeting was held at Bill Lefley Barn

1. Bill called the meeting to order.

2. Present - Bill Lefley, Gail Zandstra, Michael O’Connor, Mike Finn, David Bernat, Herk VandenBosch, Joe Milaukas. Excused - Mike Flynn, Mimi Harris, Steve McKown, Tammy Cunnion. Absent - Kathy Sarkisian.

3. The minutes from October 26, 2022, were approved.

4. The treasury was reimbursed for the private property signs. Six people have not paid for signs yet. The Treasurer’s report was approved with a Balance of $4,793.77.

5. Marketing - On November 27, 2022, the website was down due to Domain expiration. The Launch Kit recovered it and the hosting of ownership of DLSA is now through Google. The Launch Kit will continue to pay for the Domain, as part of our agreement. On December 2, 2022, the website was up and running again. The directory has been updated to the website and all new names included.

6. Membership - 152 paid members.

7. Social - Michael will start recruiting in March for DLSA socials. Bill would like to have a mixer in May and invite the Lake Michigan Shore Association. Joe Milaukas would like to host a DLSA on a Friday in May.

8. Old Business - No feedback yet from Steve about signage on Lakeshore Drive hill. There was more discussion about the signage. Bill will text Steve as to the next step.

10. New Business - The question was asked if there was any news about Lakeshore Drive reroute. Joe has a feasibility report and printer survey from the Township website. Much discussion took place and it ended with Bill saying he would work on finding information, put it on the website with a link. Think about speakers for the next annual meeting. Some suggestions were road commission, Airbnb local ordinance and information, someone from the Township to discuss priorities going forward. If anyone thinks of anything else, email Bill Lefley. Discussion about the Douglas Socials, will they come back, and is there anything we can do? There was discussion and questions about attendance at the Board meetings. We are on track from last year. Bill suggested putting out a notification to the membership of openings on the Board to find out if members would be interested and willing to serve. Herk brought up a question of a new class of membership: Friends of the Lakeshore. Discussion followed and it was decided to add an amendment, Article II, Section ll, to our by-laws, and propose an addition for a non-voting Friends of the Lakeshore. The next board meetings are April 19, 2023, and May 17, 2023.

11. Bill adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted - Gail Zandstra

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