June 23, 2021 Meeting Minutes


June 23, 2021 5:30 PM

Meeting was held at the Herk VandenBosch home

Kathy Sarkisian called the meeting to order


Kathy Sarkisian, Mike Finn, Mike Flynn, Steven McKown, Bill Lefley, Herk VandenBosch, Gail Zandstra, Michael O’Connor, Joe Milaukis. Excused - Pat Lion, Arlene Philp, Bob Batts

The minutes from April 7, 2021, were reviewed and approved with the change of August 7, 2021, as the new date of the annual meeting.

Membership and Directory

113 paid members as of this meeting. This is down 32 from last year. Kathy talked about reconciling emails up-to-date and purging member names for those who have not paid dues for 2 years. Kathy made a motion to set July 7, 2021, as the deadline to pay dues to be included in the membership booklet. The new membership committee will consist of Kathy, Bill and Herk, with Kathy as the chair. Priority for the committee would be to approach the 33 members who have not renewed. Bob is still willing to take the book and publish online.

The treasurer’s report of a balance of $12,400.56 was approved.

There was discussion about needing to find new board members and appointing them before July 7, 2021, to make the membership book and the association meeting in August. Bob Batts and Arlene Philp are retiring and several names were mentioned for the board. Herk brought up the fact that according to the bylaws from 2013, board members of trustees, 12 members are needed to be on the board.

Old Business

Herk contacted the City of Douglas in regards to a bench honoring Sheldon Wettack and explained our parameters. The city has their own format and how they want to mount the bench. Herk will present it to the board after they get back to him. Discussion was made to possibly add more names to the plaque, if necessary.

New Business

Hiring Erin Wilkinson to help with web support. Discussion about salary, how many hours it might require and what does the board want on the website. Steve made a motion to set a cap of $1,500.00 for Erin and to give Kathy approval if more monies were needed, or to contact board members by email. Bill mentioned another web developer who he will research and report back to the board

Socials - July 30, 2021

August 7, 2021

September 24, 2021

October 22, 2021

Annual meeting is combined with the August 7, 2021 social. Discussion was made as to when to start the meeting, the length of the meeting and to have an agenda. It was also suggested that if members had any issues, the answers could be put on the website.

Board meeting - September 22, 2021, 5:30 PM

Meeting adjourned by Kathy Respectfully submitted - Gail Zandstra

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