June 25, 2022 - Meeting Minutes

Meeting was held at The Lefley barn

1. Bill Lefley called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM and welcomed everyone to the annual meeting.

2. The board of directors was introduced.
Present - Bill Lefley, Gail Zandstra, Michael O’Connor, Kathy Sarkisian, Joe Milaukas, Tammy Cunnion, Mimi Harris, Herk VandenBosch, Mike Flynn, Steve McKown, Dave Bernat. Excused - Mike Finn

3. The 2021 annual meeting minutes were approved.

4. The annual treasurer report from August 7, 2021, showed a balance of $13,005.56. The balance from tonight meeting is $10,233.00. The treasurer report was approved.

5. Road, Beach, Water - Joe Milaukas, Steve McKown, Mimi Harris are on this committee. Joe talked about the water being down and more beach. Joe mentioned the Great Lakes Coalition annual membership at Haworth at Hope College, Saturday, August 13, at 10 AM. Everyone is welcome.

6. Membership - 130 members, as of this meeting. New members have joined so the number will be larger. The membership directory book is also available at the meeting. The directory has been added to the website and will be updated quarterly. It is password protected for members use only. The password is Beachsand.

7. Marketing and Website - Bill reviewed the new website that was built and brand new this year. Everything is put on the website and also a resource page to find events happening. Bill also talked about the event signs and new branding. Business cards are available for members to hand out personally.

8. Social - Michael gave an update on the DLSA social schedule already on the calendar. Michael thanked everyone for hosting.

9. The four positions on the board up for election for three year terms are incumbent members: David Bernat, Mimi Harris, Bill Lefley, Joe Milaukus. Motion was passed to bring them on the board.

10. Old Business - Mimi reported that the Douglas beach gate is locked at 11 PM and the bathroom is also locked. The Department of Public Works unlocks the beach gate at 6:30 AM and cleans the bathroom.

11. New Business - Pat Edwards is in charge of private property signs. The beach umbrella scene stays on the sign. The sunburst logo will remain as our marketing materials and website.

12. Dawn Schuman talked about the Saugatuck Dunes Coastal Alliance, that $177,000.00 was raised, and that The North Shore Group has to reapply for a new permit. Dawn will have a meeting on her porch in the future and all are invited. Mimi asked about the Winston property. David Lefley thanked his brother, Bill, for all his work.

13. Meeting was adjourned, dinner served and the DB Horns entertained.

Respectfully submitted - Gail Zandstra

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