Sept. 29, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the September 29, 2021 meeting of the Douglas Lakeshore Association Board.

  1. Kathy called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM.
  2. Present were Herk Vanden Bosch, Bill Lefley, Kathy Sarkisian, Mike Finn, Dave Barnett, Mike O’Conner, Pat Lion, Steve Mc Kown.
  3. Excused were Joe Milaukas, Gail Zandstra and Mike Flynn.
  4. Minutes of the board meeting of June 23, 2021 were approved. The Annual meeting minutes of August 7, 2021 were approved pending the association meeting approval in 2022.
  5. The treasure’s was received. After the cost of the annual meeting, the bench in Sheldon’s name we have $8,392.26 in our account.
  6. Dave Barnett was elected to take the balance of Arlene Phlip’s term. That term runs until 2022. Bob Batts position was still open and names were discussed. Mimi Harris name was suggested and Mike O’Conner said he would contact her. (Secretary Note: She agreed to serve prior to the distribution of the minutes.)  Her term runs until 2022 also.
  7. Kathy reported the membership book will be printed and distributed by October 19.We have at this time 133 paid memberships of which 19 are new. The cost is approximately $650.
  8. Kathy reported the e mail list will be functioning in around 7 days on our website.
  9. Website: Bill reported our website cost $150 a month to manage. So we need to get as much information on it as possible. 
  10. Social- Mike reported our next social is October 15 at Dawn Schuman. The Christmas party will be at Herk’s house on December 11 at 6 PM. (Secretary Note: the date is changed to Friday, December 10 at the same time.)
  11. Old Business: Kathy noted that the plaque for Sheldon was done and she will send a note to the city of Douglas thanking them for their efforts in this. Pat reported that the beach locking is being done and signs posting the beach times are ordered and will be put up by the city.
  12. New business: The board appointed Bill Lefley as President for this year (until the fall meeting 2022) and Mike Flynn as Vice President, Mike O’Conner as Treasurer and Gail Zandstra as Secretary. The board combined the road, beach and water committee into one. Other committees are Social, and also website, membership and marketing as one committee. 

- Social committee is Mike O’Conner as chair; others are Mike Finn, Kathy and Pat.

- Road, beach and water are Steve, Joe and others to be appointed.

- Membership, marketing and website include Kathy, Bill, Herk and others to be appointed.

- Each committee will give a report at upcoming meetings and will be a line item in the agenda.

  • Kathy reported on the Saugatuck Dunes Coastal Alliance and the marina possibilities at the Saugatuck harbor. After much discussion it was decided to post information on wedsite but as an association we will not take a position. Members can make their own choices. 
  • Jaqua Reality will give us signs to use and reuse in future events. We thank them for that.
  • After a discussion it was decided to raise dues to $50 for the calendar year 2022.
  • Kathy was thanked  for her two years of service as the President. Thanks so much Kath!!!!
  • Next board meeting is December 8, 2021 at 5:30 at Herk’s house.

13. No further business to be done so Kathy adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted by

Herk Vanden Bosch

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